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Quality Consignments of Pleasant Valley

What does “consignment” mean?

Individuals like yourself, bring articles of clothing, furs, jewelry, shoes and accessories to Past ‘n’ Perfect and we sell them for you.


How are clothing and items at Past ‘n’ Perfect displayed ?

Consigned items are displayed for a period of two months.  After one month, they are 1/2 off (excluding jewelry & furs).  Find the date on the tag… one month after that date, the item is HALF PRICE !



What is our schedule for accepting  clothing ?

Spring……………………….February— April

Summer…………………...May— July




What items are accepted for consignment?

¨ Women's’ clothing (including maternity), in all sizes

¨ Fur Coats (Sept to March)

¨ Jewelry, Shoes, Handbags, Scarves, Hats, Gloves, Belts, Umbrellas


Consigned Clothing must be:

¨ No more then 5 years old (except vintage)

¨ In excellent condition

¨ Freshly laundered or dry cleaned

¨ On hangers  (returned to you) and wrinkle-free

¨ No missing labels, stains, tears, pulls, missing buttons or snaps or broken zippers


We know how personal cloths can be.  Please understand that if we find an imperfection on an item… it is NOT a reflection on you. 

Would you like to consign?

¨ There is no fee to open a consignment account with Past ‘n’ Perfect.

¨ Consignments are done by appointment only and last about 15 minutes.

¨ When making your appointment please let us know the approximate number of items you are bringing in.

¨ Articles may not be picked up before the end of the  2 month consignment period

Three Good Reasons To Consider Consigning Today !

There’s MONEY in your closet RIGHT NOW!! If you aren’t wearing it and it is in season, in style and in great shape, someone else just might want to buy it!!

Recycling is THE RAGE and RIGHT NOW is the time to change your clothes purging habits so that you waste less each day. Selling your better items through consignment shops saves items from landfills, creates consignment/resale store jobs and gives YOU something back on your wardrobe investment!

It’s just plain SMART to consign and shop at consignment and resale shops so you can SAVE MONEY, MAKE MONEY and still look fantastic – RIGHT NOW!

Put your wardrobe to work now !

Call to Today to Schedule a Consignment Appointment


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